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Beef in BC Article - January 1st 2009

From the desk of... Bob Miller


Well 2009 is upon us.

Normally as we approach another season we take a moment to reflect, rejoice and refocus for another "next year". Many of us make resolutions….some are to build new fences, and others are to mend the ones we have.

It’s good to think of these words "Pay attention to your family and friends."

Personally I was very fortunate to spend the holiday season with family in Prince George. From all your friends at OII we wish to extent wishes of joy, health and prosperity to everyone as you pursue your passions in the year 2009.

Office News

OII held their annual general meeting in Kamloops on October 1, 2008. Ellen Hockley, representing BC Horse Council will continue to serve the position of in term president while Tom Vicars representative for the Mountain Livestock Market Association will assume the position of vice president.

Karen Kochel of Vanderhoof, has been elected President of the BC Breeders & Feeders Association and will serve as their representative on the OII board of directors.

Livestock Inspections

At the time of writing I can share with you provincial totals for livestock inspected for the months of October and November 2008 with comparisons to the same months in 2007.

October 2008Cattle 93,398Horse 258
October 2007Cattle 93,657Horse 259
November 2008Cattle 62,976Horse 314
November 2007Cattle 63,205Horse 521
December 2008Cattle 24,629Horse 234
December 2007Cattle 30,070Horse 393

What’s New

OII is proud and honored to announce the introduction of the inaugural Brian Hill

Memorial 4-H Scholarship.

This annual scholarship opportunity available for BC 4-H members is named in honor and recognition of our company president and fellow cattleman Brian Hill, who passed away suddenly in July 2008.

These scholarship opportunities will be comprised of two individual five hundred packages totaling a one thousand dollar ($1000.00) annual contribution by Ownership Identification Inc towards assisting with continued education for our agricultural youth. For further information including application forms and eligibility criteria, please visit the following web sites. or

The selection committee intends is to announce the successful recipients annually at the BCCA annual meeting.


If you have questions regarding the contents of this article, livestock inspections or roles of OII, please feel free to contact the office at 1-250-314-9686.

See you down the road

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