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Livestock Consignors Responsibilities - December 1st 2008

The owner / seller or consignor of livestock shall:

  • provide a properly completed manifest (form 3) to accompany all livestock when being transported anywhere in or outside of the province, other than within the non prescribed Lower Mainland area.
  • complete the manifest to the best of his/her knowledge and ability. It is the responsibility of the contributor, not the brand inspector, to complete the form 3 that accompanies all livestock.
  • present the completed manifest and livestock previously clipped (when brands are poorly applied or diificult to read) to the brand inspector at the time of inspection for proof of ownership accuracy beyond reasonable doubt.
  • be sure the name(s) on the manifest(s) appear the same as the name(s) the brand is registered in. If otherwise, then a properly completed bill of sale must be provided and shall serve as a means of proving ownership.
  • when consigning Finance Association cattle the consignor must have the manifest made out in the name of the feeder / breeder association, whether the cattle are carrying the association brand or not. Otherwise an association release form must be provided.

Violation of any of these and other regulations could result in detention of funds. 

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